1 Probably the largest international network devoted to the development of methods for the analysis and visualization of whole-body movement. Certainly the most interdisciplinary one. Inspired lots of novel ICT research through exposure to real-life applications, unique data sets, and precious domain knowledge.

2 Some example domains: animal ecology (animal behavior), marine transport and safety (abnormal vessel movements), transportation planning (bicycle routes), urbanism (e.g. space use in city centers), tourism (visitor management in parks), public health (activity level and body weight), sports (football), neurosciences (drug discovery in zebrafish), anomalies in container itineraries, commuting patterns in mobile phone users, etc., etc.

3 Breakthrough algorithms: e.g. for trajectory clustering; trajectory aggregation; stopover detection in bird migration, movement analysis using Brownian bridges (BB), etc. etc.

4 A total of 13 workshops held, with integrated data challenges, often leading to STSMs.

5 Awards: Best paper awards at VAST 2011, 2012 and W2GIS 2013;best demo CDSAA 2013; Nokia Mobile Data Challenge 2012; COST Conference Grant ICT Domain 2012.