The Actions's network and research work are organised in the following four Working Groups (WGs)

Working Group 1: Cross-WG Activities, Showcases and Evaluation
  • Coleader: Sabine Timpf (Germany)
  • Coleader: Stefan van der Spek (Netherlands)

Name Country Affiliation
Rein Ahas Estonia University of Tartu
José F. Aldana-Montes Spain Universidad de Málaga
Seraphim Alvanides UK Northumbria University at Newcastle
Miguel Angel Bernabé Spain Polytechnic University Madrid
Gianluca Bontempi Belgium ULB, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Francesca Cagnacci Italy Research and Innovation Centre, Environment and Natural Resources Area, Edmund Mach Foundation
Arzu Coltekin Switzerland University of Zurich
Frank Dylla Germany University of Bremen
Andrew Frank Austria TU Wien
Henrik Harder Denmark Aalborg University
Matei Mancas Belgium University of Mons
Manuel Noguera Spain University of Granada
María José Rodríguez Fórtiz Spain University of Granada
Maribel Yasmina Santos Portugal University of Minho
Judy Shamoun-Baranes Netherlands University of Amsterdam
Hans Skov-Petersen Denmark University of Copenhagen
Emmanuel Stefanakis Greece Harokopio University of Athens
Yannis Theodoridis Greece University of Piraeus
Sabine Timpf Germany University of Augsburg
Stefan Van der Spek Netherlands Delft University of Technology
Agnès Voisard Germany Fraunhofer ISST and FU Berlin
Monica Wachowicz Netherlands Wageningen University and Research Centre
Robert Weibel Switzerland University of Zurich
Godwin Yeboah UK Northumbria University at Newcastle
Esteban Zimanyi Belgium Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • Coordination of requirements analysis (kickoff phase)
  • Coordination the definition of an ontology of movement patterns
  • Compile repository of reference movement datasets (alpha version)
  • Define benchmarks and evaluation methodologies
  • Define and develop showcases (for practitioners)
  • Coordinate end user evaluation
Working Group 2: Representation of Movement Data and Spatio-temporal Databases
  • Leader: Christophe Claramunt (France)
  • Deputy Leader: Nico van de Weghe (Belgium)

Name Country Affiliation
Billur Barshan Turkey Bilkent University
Bernard   De Baets Belgium Ghent University
Elena Camossi Italy European Commission Joint Research Centre
Christophe Claramunt France Naval Academy Research Institute
Maria Luisa   Damiani Italy University of Milan
Matthias Delafontaine Belgium Ghent University
Andrew Frank Austria TU Wien
Ralf Hartmut Güting Germany University of Hagen
Sergio Ilarri Spain University Of Zaragoza
Christian S. Jensen Denmark Aarhus University
Bart Kuijpers Belgium Hasselt University
Miguel R. Luaces Spain University of A Coruña
Yannis Manolopoulos Greece Aristotle University
Apostolos Papadopoulos Greece Artistotle University of Thessaloniki
Christine Parent Switzerland University of Lausanne
Cyril Ray France Naval Academy
Chiara Renso Italy KDDLAB, ISTI CNR
Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Luaces Spain Universidade da Coruña
Erki Saluveer Estonia University of Tartu
Claudio Silvestri Italy University of Venice
Stefano Spaccapietra Switzerland EPFL-IC
Emmanuel Stefanakis Greece Harokopio University Of Athens
Dragan Stojanovic Serbia University of Nis
Bernd-Alois Tenhagen Germany Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, BfR
Nico Van de Weghe Belgium Ghent University
Agnès   Voisard Germany Fraunhofer ISST and FU Berlin
Esteban Zimanyi Belgium Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • Movement data pre-processing: filtering, outlier removal, gap filling, re-sampling etc.
  • Trajectory modelling: Convert streams of position fixes to trajectories consisting of meaningful stops, events, etc.
  • Efficient methods for storing and indexing movement data
  • Languages and methods for querying moving object DBs
  • Reference data models for target application domains
  • Real-time applications: ad-hoc data integration for geosensor networks, LBS etc.

Privacy-preserving methods for movement data storage and retrieval

Working Group 3: Analysis of Movement and Spatio-temporal Data Mining
  • Co-chair: Bettina Speckmann (Netherlands)
  • Co-chair: Matei Mancas (Belgium)

Name Country Affiliation
Tolga Aydin Turkey

 Ataturk University,

Gianluca Bontempi Belgium

 Université Libre de Bruxelles,

Maike Buchin Germany Ruhr-University Bochum
Enrique Cabello Spain Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Seyed Hossein Chavoshi Belgium Ghent University
Dubravko Culibrk Serbia University of Novi Sad
Thomas Devogele France French Naval Academy
Somayeh Dodge USA / Switzerland Ohio State University / University of Zurich
Denis Enachescu Romania University of Bucharest,

Cidália  Fonte Portugal University of Coimbra
Aris Gkoulalas-Divanis Switzerland IBM Research GmbH
Abdulsamet Hasiloglu Turkey Ataturk University,

Miguel J. Hornos Spain University of Granada
Yosi Keller Israel Bar Ilan
Damian Kelly Ireland National University of Ireland, Maynooth
Rolf  Klein Germany University of Bonn
Marc van Kreveld Netherlands Utrecht University
Patrick Laube Switzerland University of Zurich
Emiel van Loon Netherlands University of Amsterdam
Matei Mancas Belgium University of Mons
Gerasimos Marketos Greece University of Piraeus
Sean Mc Loone Ireland NUI Maynooth
Milan Mirkovic Serbia University of Novi Sad
David Mountain UK City University
Christine Müller-Graf Germany Federal Institute for Risk Assessment
Mirco Nanni Italy ISTI-CNR
George Pallis Cyprus University of Cyprus
Dino Pedreschi Italy University of Pisa
Nikos Pelekis Greece University of Piraeus
Fabio Pinelli Italy KDDlab, ISTI - CNR
Ross  Purves Switzerland University of Zurich
Cornelia Schneider Austria Salzburg Research
Monika Sester Germany Institute Of Cartography and Geoinformatics
Rodrigo Silveira Spain Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
Bettina Speckmann Netherlands TU Eindhoven
Emmanouil Tranos Netherlands VU Amsterdam
  • Formalisation of movement patterns (coordinated by WG 1)
  • Algorithms to detect activity and movement patterns in moving object data
  • Similarity analysis of trajectories
  • Aggregation and generalisation of movement patterns
  • User modelling in personalised mobile systems (LBS)
  • Decentralised analysis of movement in geo-sensor networks
  • Privacy-preserving movement pattern mining
Working Group 4: Visual Analytics for Movement and Cognitive Issues
  • Co-chair: Urska Demsar (UK)
  • Co-chair: Daniel Weiskopf (Germany)

Name Country Affiliation
Gennady Andrienko Germany Fraunhofer IAIS
Natalia Andrienko Germany Fraunhofer IAIS
Peter Bak Israel University of Konstanz
Miguel Bernabe Spain Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Alessio Bertone Germany TU Dresden
Leon Bobrowski Poland Bialystok Technical University
Kevin Buchin Netherlands TU Eindhoven
Michael Burch Germany University of Stuttgart
Seyed Hossein Chavoshi Belgium Ghent University
Arzu Coltekin Switzerland University of Zurich
Urska Demsar UK University of St Andrews
Jason Dykes UK City University London
Sara Irina Fabrikant Switzerland University of Zurich
Jean-Daniel Fekete France INRIA
Otto Huisman Netherlands University of Twente
Daniel Keim Germany University of Konstanz
Menno-Jan Kraak Nederland University of Twente - ITC
Jukka Krisp Germany Technical University Munich, Cartography
Irma Kveladze Netherlands University of Twente - ITC
Anna-Katharina Lautenschütz Switzerland University of Zurich
Sara Maggi Switzerland University of Zurich
Gavin McArdle Ireland National University of Ireland Maynooth
Tijs Neutens Belgium Department of Geography, Ghent University
Juha Oksanen Finland Finnish Geodetic Institute
Volker Paelke Spain Institut de Geomàtica
Margit Pohl Austria Vienna University of Technology
Alessandra Raffaeta Italy Universita' Ca' Foscari Venezia
Guenther Sagl Austria University of Salzburg
Aidan Slingsby UK City University London
Ulanbek Turdukulov Netherlands University of Twente - ITC
Rehmat Ullah Netherlands University of Twente - ITC
Stefan Van der Spek Netherlands Delft University of Technology
Jarke van Wijk Netherlands TU Eindhoven
Monica Wachowicz Canada University of New Brunswick
Daniel Weiskopf Germany University of Stuttgart
Qiuju Zhang Netherlands University of Twente - ITC
  • Visual analytics methods for massive movement datasets
  • Integration in visual interfaces
  • Evaluation of perceptual and cognitive performance of visual analytics methods
  • Key role in the development of showcase and in integration of results from other WGs